Summer Vlog


Summing up today and this summer. Not necessarily bad, and not necessarily good either. We let in new friendships and they become more of a nuisance than anything. The person(s) be it friends, love etc. becomes infatuated with the sin of youth and desires the “ability” of youth to an extent that’s absurd. What I mean by this is partying and doing stuff a regular person does as a teenager, and or college student. People aren’t willing to let that go, they don’t want to move into the next stage nor level of life. This is a longing problem with the masses. Woman and men alike, you can’t find love in a bar, and you can’t find love at a music venue. So why do these people desire to be at such places? Is it for fun? is it for sheer pleasure of enjoyment? Regardless the people that desire these types of scenarios set themselves up for failure and they wonder why and it’s blatantly obvious. Guys at a bar are looking for one thing and one thing only. Music venues are the same as a bar. The mainstream music scene is becoming more of a party than it is being about the actual music. So, why are people surprised when they find that guys are hitting on them? To me this is a no brainier, they assume they are looking for “fun” just like they are. Not to mention alcohol plays a massive role. If it wasn’t for alcohol think about how many kids wouldn’t be born from wedlock. It’s sounds bad to say, but that’s the reality of it.

This is some food for thought, while I ponder various scenarios of moral issues in today’s society.

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