Ordered Eastward- Motivation

Motivation, Memorial Day Post

Ordered EastWard-Motivation

It’s not memorial day yet, but wanted to give a shout out to all of those on all sides allies and axis whom gave their life for their nations. For the right or wrong reason these “groups” and humans are my idols because they have more balls than anyone could ever imagine. being ordered to the front lines where their brothers, friends, and civilians die. Starvation, is a hard pill to swallow, that we as free civilians take for-granted. Our European ancestors fought, for a better tomorrow for their country, being Poland, Germany, America, etc. I think it’s important to honor, respect, and remember all sides of history, and see them from the compass of both sides. The Eastern Front consists of some of the most horrific, brutal, epic battles, and stories of our life time. Stalingrad specifically is a inspiration to me. To know the people that were ordered Eastward, whom were born and raised to fight the Red Wolfs of Russia. Fighting now in what is the mother of all wars. Without Fear, and running out of ammunition, the soldiers would continue to fight, until they starved or froze. To me that’s an inspiration of human will. The mind is a powerful tool that is forgotten today. The fact that soldiers were able and willing to continue with no supplies is something that is unheard of today. We take a lot of things for-granted I see people crying about not having an smartphone etc. while our ancestors didn’t have a thing besides a strong desire and will to live. Operation Barbarossa will hold a special place in my mind and heart. I think we can learn a lot from the soldiers of the past. The soldiers do as they are commanded for their nation, for their country, for their pride. It’s amazing to see what people can do when everything is about to be taken.

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