late night coffee

The mind is overstimulated sipping on what is probably my 7th cup of coffee. I’ve been busy, no wait, I’ve been procrastinating the whole writing process so, I needed to jump start my engines. I’ve been in the process of writing a short book for quite awhile, It’s practically been done, I’ve just never did anything with it as of now. I went back and reviewed it a bit, because I was debating on adding to it, but it seems the gaps in writing periods is to far out. I’m left with pages of unread material and am debating on releasing it as a short none fiction, fiction book on blurb. Not really sure if people would be interested in reading it, regardless there’s no reason to have it taking up space on my hard drive just collecting, dust…. oh wait… um collecting whatever files collect on a laptop. The book is filled with short stories, thoughts, ideas, and poems written from various scenarios and view points.

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