First BodyBuilding competition

First competition
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I almost forgot I even did this competition haha, but really so, much has changed since then that I feel like a different person in general. Everything from hobbies, work, studies etc. But I guess that’s what happens as you get older. I would like to do one of these again, because it was a big challenge, not because dieting and getting in shape, but because you’re standing in front of a fairly large crowd. Not to mention I didn’t have a coach, or dietetion like a lot of the other guys have. ( I try to cut out the middle man I do it all myself like any good business man would haha.) Though the competition was fairly expensive like 100 bucks, and getting a phsyque card was another 80$ it was definitely worth the experience and doing the thing all together. The downside is there’s not much money in it unless you are at the very top, not to mention the amount politics play a part in winning as well as if you’re sponsored or not. (which I am not) but hey you live and learn. Looking back I’m like damn I could of bought 80 shares of zaynga with that (sarcasm), but like I said earlier it’s not always about money, but having and getting the experience. Will I do a show again? Maybe, but honestly my priorities have vastly changed and I don’t even like the big bulky look really, which is what it takes to win it seems. but maybe one day I will, I know I’m much more conditioned now than then, but I also don’t have the size like I used to in arms and chest. As of late I’ve been getting heavily into boxing, which I would like to start training with a pro/trainer when I get a first shift job, (hopefully sooner than later). Anyways I wanted to reminisce on the past a little bit.
egg whites international

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