Why coffee is great for the body and mind

Coffee get’s a lot of negativity, but really it’s not all that bad. How can a bean from south america be any more harmful than refined sugar? Please… Give me a break. Coffee contains the stimulant that we know and love called caffeine. What this is it boosts your neurotransmitters  in your brain to be more aware, thus why you get jittery. The awaken feeling is a false sense of awareness, your not really more awake, but it’s tricks your sensors into thinking you are.  Coffee also speeds up your metabolism which your body burn fat faster, as well as keep everything moving smoothly through the body. Coffee also boosts your vascularity for the ladies. coffee is a natural diuretic. I almost forgot, coffee will more than likely boost your game since you will be more on your toes.  Coffee also boosts your athletic performance! It’s like a cheap pre-workout (in my case) even star bucks coffee is cheaper than drinking pre-workout. Go figure right? Not to mention the biggest ingredient in pre workout’s is CAFFEINE! DUN DUN DUN. sorry for all of the pre-workout fanatics out there, but that’s the truth, save yourself the 60 dollars and purchase a pound of coffee for 25$.


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