Coffee for preworkout

Coffee The Hidden Truth

Coffee is a very important drink of many of us around the world. We enjoy it before we go to work to jump start are day. We use it when we don’t get enough sleep, but some of use it as an inexpensive alternative to a pre-workout drink. Coffee is one of my favorite every day drinks, but most of all it’s what I drink before I hit the weights. Coffee has just enough caffeine so that I don’t crash like you normally would after a Red bull, and it doesn’t make your blood sugar levels all out of wack! Two 16 oz coffee’s do the trick for me, leaving me filled with motivation. I typically drink StarBucks or Death Wish Coffee This has always worked for me in the past so, Why change it? Coffee is also good if you are on a budget, the little canisters of prework drinks can run anywhere from 30-60 dollars. So saving a little bit is always nice. Not to mention you can get coffee in organic form unlike preworkout.

coffee infographic

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