Best Free Xbox One Games

Best Free Xbox One Games.


Smite is an action packed fantasy game, that will keep you highly involved and highly entertained. There’s 100s of Gods too choose from with 100s of different abilities. Fight with Hades, or fight with Zeus, you will constantly be challenged with the many different Gods throughout the game. Don’t forget team work makes the dream work.

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super mega baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball is for those fans of baseball. This is a family sports game that mixes a bit of fantasy, and baseball together. The game reminds me a little bit of the old game Back Yard Baseball which featured kids with big heads, and a bunch of different abilities. This is kind of the same theme except the adult version and no special power ups. You can pick through a bunch of different teams with many different abilities. Such as pitching, hitting, power hitting, and the list goes on. It’s definitely a 4/5 It’s a must have considering it’s FREE!

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