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Brendan is an active male model, concentrating in fashion and fitness. He’s 6’4 and weight adjusts but, is typically 179(lowest) -200 lbs. Staying lean, athletic and shredded year around. He works on a clothing line, music, writing, and does custom workout plans for clients in his free time. Learning about the human body and staying active is a must for anyone that wants to peruse a career in the health industry. The industry is filled with disinformation, lies, deception, and the truth is manipulated by large corporations whom want to make a quick buck off the ignorant. Brendan wants to shed light on this through this website, blog, and books. Brendan strives to better himself and the people around him with a positive attitude to expand the consciousness past what is thought to be not possible. Help support! and Join the ranks among the church. Brendan looks forward to hearing from you.

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